Galaxy Questing

every which way you can...

Dong runs to the ship, pushing is freezer of reject clone parts. Jesse and crystal follow him. a course is set for iradonia, we are boarded upon arrival. The shipped is searched, and other than the slight confusion over the freezer of clone parts, it goes without a hitch. We then go to dantooine. Mon mothma is contacted and advised the empire is on its way. After finding out jesse accidently leaked the info, mon mothma assigned an advisor to speak with us. Jesse is sure that it is a ploy to keep us in place so the rebels can destroy us. He convinces dong to take us to tatooine. We arrive and dong goes to the cantina. A while later an old man comes to the ship to collect docking fees. The old man enters the ship for inspection when the droid takes him the fee. Jesse lets crystal know the old man is doing an inspection, crystal becomes suspicious because inspections arent usually done and cloaks as there is a knock on her room door. Crystal tries to sneak out when the door opens, but is caught and drugged by the old man.

Jesse asks the engineer to keep an eye on the old man, but the engineer says that jesse should follow him. jesse tries to contact crystal and is unsuccessful, trying to track her with the force, he finds her in the cargo bay, sitting on the speeder bike and unresponsive to mental contact. Jesse seals himself in the cockpit, advises the eng to strap in, and does some air maneuvers to dislodge the old man from the ship, unsuccessfully. Thru stealth and trickery the old man manages to get close to jesse and drugges him.

We all wake up in a small room. We have been told that someone will be coming to pay our bounty in a few days. The days pass and a blond human request we help him infiltrate the empire, confiding the rebels managed to escape and destroy the empires planet destroyer. Crystal agrees, has him sign a contract. They part ways. Jesse goes on walkabout. Dong goes to a cantina. Crystal sends a message to vader informing him of the rebels escape and the infiltrator.

Dong finds the old man that drugged them, montross, in a canteena and request the drink that was offered he never got to finish. A few hours later crystal finds them, and trades info on vader, palpatine to be delivered to mon mothma.

Jesse meandered into the desert and came across a water farm. Accepting the familys hospitality he stays there for the night. Early in the morning he is woken by the son, requesting jesse’s help to find an escaped droid. The other drooid purchased at the same time tracks the escaped r2 unit to a small hut where an old man resides. Obi wan reveals that these 2 droids are hunted by the empire, as they have sensative information. Luke immediated frets that the drouds have been traced to his family and rushed off to return to his farm. Half an hour later he comes back, upset that his anut and uncle have been killed.
Jesse and obi wan make plans to go to mos eisley wheere the ship still is, and to find the princess who has been captured by the empire.

As jesse, dong, crystal, obi wan and luke approach the death star, they all take cover. The ship is brought aboard the death star and searched, and no one is discovered. 2 storm troopers stand guard at the ships hatch. The group subdues them plus another group of troopers and dons their armor. Obi wan leaves to deactivate the generator while luke and jesse take the droids to find the princess.

A mishap on the comm alerts the troopers that all may not be well at the captured “empty” ship and a group is dispached to check it out. Dong convices them successfully that he is one of them and that he was attacked by passengers that had been hidden on the ship, and they escaped. The large group of troopers heads off to locate the trespassers, and dong and crystal join jesse and luke at a console where the droids are attempting to locate the princess.

While waiting for the information to be accessed, the group sees thru a large window above, vader striding purposefully and hurridly down a corridor.



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