Galaxy Questing

figuring it all out

R2 finds the princess in the prisioner ward and logs a prisoner transfer to gain access to that section of the cell ward. Sadly, there is a dispute between dong and r2 . r2 zaps dong and dong punts the r2 unit into the wall, damaging him severely. Jesse takes r2 to be repaired, while the rest go to find the princess. The pricess is found and freed fom her cell, and the rescuers jump in to the garbage shoot to escape the prisoner ward. Immediatedly upon landing, luke is pulled under by a sewer monster, and then the walls of the compactor start closing in. crystal contacts jesse, but r2 is still being repaired. Jesse makes a couple attemps to stop the compactor, and eventualy succeeds then opens the door. The group escapes the garbage and heads toward the hanger bay jesse has indicated is cllear. They meet up with jesse and 10 slave wookies he freed annd they all go to the ship. The way is clear and unhindered to the ship and away from the death star.

Concerned that escape was too easyy, the ship is searcch and a tracking device is found. It also appears that there is an additional person on board, but when rechecked the sensors indicated all was well. However consecutive checks show fewer ppl on the ship. Jesse, dong and crystal go to round up all the ships passenger and find most of the wookies have been sliced in 2 by a light sabre. The culprit is tracked to a closet and knocked out.

Dong and crystal guard the now bound, blindfolded, and tranqued prisoner while jesse talks to the princess. The conversation does not go well. She calls for assistance from luke. Luke and leia decide they want to be put down on tatooine. On the way to tatooine, crystal takes an opportunity neutralize the prisoner, afraid that he could escape to finish what he started a couple days ago. Luke and Leia are dropped off, then the wookies are dropped off at kashyyk.

A bit of conversation later, jesse and crystal agree that hitting some empire bases to free slaves and destroy production would be a good use of our time. Determining there is a smallish facility on ord mantell, we decide to hit there. Once there jesse and crystal get a tour of the facilities using their cover as empire employees. However instead of finding a dozen guards and a couple dozen slaves, there are a couple hundred of each. We leave.

Getting back on the ship, we find dong in full evac suit. We take the ship back to the docks, and exit. Upon leaving the ship with r2d2, c3p0 and the cloned girl, jesse and crystal explain to dong that we are not safe on the ship as the engineer is reporting our activites and the ship possibly has tracking devices and listening bugs. Dong says that a contact of his said the empire is sending bounty hunters after us to use nerve gas on us.
Jesse points out that the evac suit dong is wearinng isnt really protective as the cannister contains nerve gas.

Taking the ship to a trader, we trade the imperial ship for a smaller ship. Shortly after taking possession, we are hailed by solo with a delivery of weapons. After some deliberation, we decide to accept the crate of weapons, even tho we are suspicious of an unknown benefactor. With the weapons and explosives, we find 2 data pads, each with plans for an imperial bank.

Secretly. Dong contacts jack and asks if jack or the rebels sent the crate. Jack denies that the crate came from him and asks what the crate contains. Dong describes the weapons, explosives and data pads. Jack explains that following the plans on the data pads is a bad idea.



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