Galaxy Questing

see what happens when you try to do the right thing...

Convinced by dong that jesse and crystal need space suits, a course is set for narshada. We are greeted at the dock by a droid of a merchant. We go to see the merchant, and ask him about suits. He says he will start work on them but wont discuss price till after. He then shooes us out. As we are leaving, jesse says he thinks he saw obi wan. Dong goes to spacemart for suits since he didn’t like that vendor, while jesse and crystal phase to where jesse thought he saw obi wan. Instead they find the vendor speaking with montross.

Meeting up at spacemart, jesse buys a couple suits for him, and parts to make one for crystal. Later back on the ship, they receive a surprise visit by montross to purchase jesse’s assistance. They with dong leave to purchase the supplies need to . some time later, dong returns with montross and informs crystal montross has been invited to stay on the ship for the next week. Crystal is very unhappy, especially when montross invades her room against express orders, and tried to make off with the broken piece of the sith sword, which she uses the force to get back from him.

a week later, and many prranks played betweenn montross and crystal, dong goes with montross to visit the ithorian vendorr. Once business is concluded between montross and the venndor, montross advises the vendor that one of the huts has a half million bounty on the ithorian and instead of collecting the bounty, he is going to help him fake his death and leave the planet. Montross then informs jesse that he will be taking the ithorian. The ithorian then begans making demands on jesse informing him what he will be doing to get the ithorian off the planet. Finding out the ithorian is high ranking in the empire, jesse says he will have to tie his allegiance to them and they are wanted by the empire. The ithorian agrees, and gathering some goods from the store, they, minus monttross, go back to the ship.

Unbeknowst to us, the ithorian give info to montross about a tracking device installed in his body incase he needs montross to rescue him.

On our way to corellia, dong gets a comm from a damaskas informing him of a gas bomb set to go off in a civilian hotel on courscant in 6 days. Dong confers with jack to confirm this is accurate, then changes the ships course.

Afraid dong has set course for kashyyk again, jesse double checks the course laid in the ship and finds the comms with damaskas and jack. Aroused by the unhappy vocalization by jesse, tavla and dong make their way to the deck to see what is going on. During the discussion of the hotel being a trap, jack rings in and manages to convince jesse and dong to rescue the innocent people about to be killed in the hotel.

On courscant our cover is tavla hiding from huts who have made death threats on him. once in the hall in front of our rooms, he stage whispers for us to work with hotel security to make sure this place is safe. Dong goes off. Crystal phases and cloakes and goes to the basement where she finds several crates locked tight near the vent system. She tells jesse and tavla. Tavla confers with hotel security, who says it is the king of corellia han solo’s goods, and they have been searched and deemed safe.
Determining to do further searchest tomorrow, the 4 “heroes” sleep the night. In the morning down in the lobby they find a dead body and several people in courscant police uniforms.



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